What is the performance status?

The Performance Status is a numerical indicator of how far you are from the optimal approach defined by the clinical reviewer of the scenario. Divided into the three main areas of feedback – Physical Examination, Diagnostic Activity, and Treatment – it guides you in how many actions you are still missing to perform or decisions to make.

The optimal approach only considers the 1st priority items defined in the clinical scenario and according to the international guidelines’ requirements, based on the patient’s state on admission. Nevertheless, during the simulation, this number might change according to the clinical scenario flow defined by the clinical reviewer and introducing new first-priority actions.

You can find this status indicator inside the “Medical Records” at the top of the list of actions.

  • As a Learner, you will be able to see it in the scenarios included in the “Today’s Patient” section, as well as in the ones assigned through Training Sessions in which educators enabled Feedback and Metrics.
  • As an Educator, you will be able to see it in all your scenarios included in the “My patients” section, as well as the ones included in the Training Sessions assigned with visible Feedback and Metrics.

Status performance is unavailable in the clinical inside Evaluation Sessions and from the consultation office.

Performance Status

Please remember that the numbers presented are just an indicator of missing actions. Achieving the total number doesn’t ensure a high-quality performance during the simulation. Especially due to the penalty system Body Interact has defined for each clinical scenario. This quantitative and qualitative evaluation will only be visible at the end of the scenario in the debriefing area and if enabled by the educator.