How to do a Physical Examination

In the Body Interact simulation, you have available the Physical Examination menu where you can find the ABCDE approach to assess and treat the patient. The mnemonic “ABCDE” stands for Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, and Exposure.

Inside each item you can find different evaluation options:

  • Airway – Airwar observation
  • Breathing – Chest palpation, Chest percussion, Pulmonary auscultation
  • Circulation – Capillary refill time, Heart auscultation, Pulse palpation
  • Disability – Glasgow coma scale, Pupil light reflex
  • Exposure – Abdominal auscultation, Abdominal palpation, Abdominal percussion

As you know, with Body Interact you will develop your critical thinking and decision-making skills. So, all actions that are related to touch you will be provided to you with written feedback after the decision to take the action is made.

When performing the physical examination it’s important to take into account the sounds and visual signs of each examination. 

Thus, please don’t forget to turn on the sound of the simulation.