How can I create a training or evaluation session?

To create a session please take into consideration the following steps:

  1. Go to the Sessions menu > Click on Add Session > Select the type of session – Training or Evaluation session
  2. Choose a title, determine the starting and ending period, and select if you want your students to have access to the debriefing or not.
  3. Define the Objectives of the session, add your personal notes (My Notes) and introduce any instruction to be shared with your students (Session Notes).
  4. Select the clinical scenarios, determine the students/groups that will have access to them, and click Submit

Remember: to have groups in this section you need to define them previously. Learn here how to create groups on Body Interact Studio.


Notes on step 3: None of those fields’ fulfilment is mandatory, but we highly recommend adding Sessions Notes to provide context and instructions for the students.