How can I consult my students individual metrics?

To check individual metrics choose the Students menu. You’ll automatically see the list of students who are connected to your account.

Now you are able to see your list of students. Select one and review it according to the following options available:

  • Analyze your student’s information in a chart, table, or reports format.
  • Check the overall results and the detailed information on each area of evaluation (Physical examination, Diagnostic Activity, and Treatment)
  • On the Evaluations folder rate the student according to the defined OSCE, reevaluate them, send the results by email or extract it in PDF format
  • At any time you are able to export students data, both assessed OSCE and Simulation, in Excel format

If necessary, you can also filter what you want to analyze by type of simulation (training or evaluation), name, scenarios assigned, or date range.