How is the Global Score calculated?

Body Interact scores your performance from 0-100%, according to 3 main activities: Physical Examination (ABCDE), Diagnostic Activity (Dialogues and Exams), and Treatment (Medications, Interventions, and Calls).

Each activity performed during a simulation may either be considered a 1st priority, 2nd priority, or Non-priority action to the scenario resolution, according to the patient’s state on admission and in accordance with international well-established guidelines. Only 1st priority actions are point-scoring. Performance of 2nd priority actions are neither point-scoring nor penalizing. For each incorrect decision, a penalty will be applied to your Global Score, according to the following criteria:

Global Score:
20% weight for Physical Examination
40% weight for Diagnostic Activity
40% weight for Treatment

General penalties:
30% penalty for performing a Critical Mistake*
30% penalty for an incorrect answer to the Summative Assessment question
30% penalty for not preventing the patient from entering a Cardiac Arrest
20% Penalty for not being able to resolve the case in due time

Activity-specific penalties:
Physical Examination
1% penalty for each Non-priority action in ABCDE

Diagnostic Activity:
2% penalty for each Non-priority Medical Test
1% penalty for each Non-priority Dialogue

5% penalty for each Non-priority Medication
3% penalty for each Non-priority Intervention
2% penalty for each Non-priority Call


Note: The scoring system does not apply to consultation scenarios. Instead, you will have a score per visit.


*A critical mistake brings the simulation to an end and the simulation is considered to be unsuccessful. This happens, for instance, when a decision puts the patient at risk or when what is considered to be a major error has been committed.