Difference between the 3 difficulty levels

Body Interact has clinical scenarios from 3 levels of difficulty: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

  • Basic level: A basic clinical case is designed for new healthcare students, who have limited clinical exposure or are using Body Interact for the first time. It will help develop the users’ case management skills using the platform, basic reasoning behind the diagnosis and treatment options, and how to approach a patient in the Emergency Room. At this level, users are only able to choose the category of medications (e.g. analgesics, hormones, diuretics, etc). Specific drugs and dosages will not be required.


  • Intermediate level: This level requires the user to have a higher level of clinical knowledge, consider solution-oriented therapeutic measures and be able to discuss the epidemiological context and the differential diagnosis.
    After stabilizing the patient, the user should focus on treating the remaining conditions, which are now more complex.


  • Advanced level: At this stage, the user is experienced in treating the main clinical conditions the patient presents with, and also the complications that may arise within the case as it advances in the allocated time. It demands faster decision-making regarding the patients’ symptoms and the prognosis of short-term re-evaluation as the case progresses.

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