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Welcome to the Body Interact Help Center

Popular topics

Access and log-in

Learn about hardware and software requirements, tips for using the web version and how to log-in

Access and log-in

Web App

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Body Interact Web App

Web App

General Information and FAQ

Learn about the filter options, difficulty levels, Educator vs Student accounts and more

Information / FAQ

Inside the simulation

Learn everything you can do inside the simulation

Inside the simulation

Feedback after a scenario

Understand the feedback reports after completing a clinical scenario

Feedback / scenario

BI Studio

If you are an Educator, learn how to assign scenarios to students, see the metrics and reports and more

BI Studio

BI Store

Learn how to navigate and place an order at our online store

BI Store

Online Courses

Understand how a course is organized, how you can access it and its success and completion rules

Online Courses

Clinical Learning Journey

Learn how to subscribe the plan that best suits your training needs


Training Center

Understand where to find the scenarios assigned by educators and the differences between sessions

Training Center

Simulation video tutorial

Quick questions

How to create a trial account?

You can create a trial account on the web or by downloading the iOS app.
Just follow these simple steps after opening Body Interact:

1. Click “Enter”, once you see the welcoming screens
2. Choose to Sign Up
3. Complete the registration steps
4. Confirm your email address
If you did not receive the email confirmation, check the spam or junk folder
5. Go back to Login, insert your new credentials and get started

How to change the language?

The language can be changed inside the app, on Settings > Language.

Please note that Body Interact is not fully translated to all available languages. At the moment there are 3 translation options:

  • Languages fully translated: Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, US English, UK English, Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin and Turkish;
  • Languages with texts translated, except for the examination reports inside the simulation: Italian, Japanese, and Ukrainian;
  • Languages with dialogue subtitles translated: German, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, and Romanian.

How to have success in a scenario?

Having success in a clinical scenario means you got both a correct performance in the simulation and you chose the right answer to the multiple-choice question (MCQ) at the end of the case.

If your performance was not correct (which means you did not meet the guidelines requirements), OR you chose the wrong MCQ, you will not achieve success in the scenario.

Where are the scenarios my Educator assigned to me?

Your Educator can assign you clinical scenarios through a training or an evaluation session.
These sessions can be found inside the Body Interact app, under the Training Center folder.

I’m not hearing any sound in the simulation

If you are using a mobile device, please ensure the audio button of your device is turned on.

You can also adjust the simulation sounds inside the app, on Settings > Sounds.

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